Helping families plan & pay for college

Education Finance Council (EFC) is the national trade association representing nonprofit and state-based higher education finance organizations. All EFC Members, as public-purpose organizations, strive to increase college access, success, and affordability in their states and nationwide, operating as supplemental loan originators and loan servicers while providing a wide array of college access and student success services and resources. In 2016, EFC Members directly worked with over 2.5 million families to help them successfully plan, save, and pay for college.

EFC Members, who are intimately involved with their communities, have the knowledge necessary to serve the unique needs of their communities and states, and work to ensure that all families — especially middle-income borrowers and first-generation or low-income students with no family experience in the intricacies of education financing — are provided the tools and guidance they need to choose the best-fit school, borrow appropriately, complete their degree, maximize their earning potential, and successfully repay their loans.

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The Council for South Texas Economic Progress (COSTEP) was founded in 1972 by the late U.S. Senator and Secretary of Treasury Lloyd Bentsen, Jr., and other South Texas political and community leaders. Each sharing a deep concern for the economy of the region and agreeing that the best way to impact the area’s future is through education and moreover educating people in community about financial literacy. COSTEP, a nonprofit organization, is an ideal partner providing financial literacy assistance and information to people of all ages at different stages of life.

COSTEP is your path to financial confidence and offers counseling services that address a broad financial literacy landscape. Our goal is to help you check if your credit is healthy, and guide you to get your credit back on track. What you learn with COSTEP will give you the confidence to make better informed financial decisions.

COSTEP wants to bridge the communication gap in financial literacy by speaking in terms that people can understand. Our website and financial literacy information uses everyday language to define the banking terms that we all should know and need to know. 


Nonprofit & State-Based outreach programs

Over the past year, EFC Members directly worked with over 2.5 million families to help them successfully plan, save, and pay for college. Check out EFC’s newly published 2018 Data Report Book for in-depth info on these outreach programs.

EFC Members offer and partner with organizations in their state that offer assistance and individual counseling on every facet of the higher education financing process.

These programs include college planning services, counseling on financial aid options and processes, assistance with understanding financial aid award letters, providing financial literacy education, administering millions of dollars in state grants and scholarships, and assisting borrowers and their families with managing loan repayment.

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9/6/2018 » 9/7/2018
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2019 EFC Mid-Year Membership Meeting