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EFC’s committees and groups serve as platforms for EFC Members to collaborate and work toward common goals. Committee members develop and execute strategies which address the priorities of the EFC membership and promote EFC’s mission of helping families plan and pay for college.

Board of Directors

The EFC Board of Directors is the governing body for EFC and is elected by the EFC Voting Members. This page contains private content created specifically for use by the elected members of the EFC Board.

CEO Committee

The CEO Committee is comprised of EFC Voting Member CEOs and/or their designee. This page contains private content created specifically for use by EFC Voting Members’ chief executives.

College Success Committee

The College Success Committee is comprised of nonprofit EFC Members who offer college access, student success, and financial literacy outreach programs. Committee members discuss ideas and strategies related to program development and share best practices surrounding local, regional, and national advocacy efforts around college success initiatives.

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for assisting EFC with and advising EFC in the development and implementation of an integrated government relations and strategic communications effort. 

Development Committee

The Development Committee works to retain and grow the EFC Membership in support of the organization’s mission and vision for the future.

Affiliate Member Group

The Affiliate Member Group is comprised of EFC Affiliate Members. This page contains event information and other pertinent documents and resources available exclusively to EFC Affiliate Members.

NFP Network Committee

The EFC Not-for-Profit (NFP) Network Committee is charged with providing a framework for promotion of EFC voting members’ nonprofit loan and outreach programs at the state and national level through collaboration and information sharing between members.

Alternative Education Loan Working Group

The Alternative Education Loan Working Group gives EFC Members a platform to share best practices and discuss solutions as they build, launch, and manage their alternative education loan programs.