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We are the national trade association representing nonprofit and state-based higher education finance organizations. Our members increase access to postsecondary education and make higher education more affordable for millions of families every year.

EFC Members Served Over Two Million Families Last Year

In Savings For Postsecondary Education Last Year

Scholarships Awarded Last Academic Year


Average Lowest Fixed Interest Rate on In-School Loans

In Grant Funding Distributed Last Academic Year


EFC 2023 National Impact Report

On September 12, 2023, EFC released the results of our 2023 National Impact Report showing more than two dozen members helped families plan and pay for college in Academic Year 2022-2023. Over two million families trusted nonprofit and state-based organizations to help them grow their college savings accounts, complete the federal student aid application, access scholarships and grants, and make wise borrowing decisions.

Three Foolproof Ways to Make College More Affordable

College costs continue to increase year-over-year. After adjusting for inflation, the average student today is charged more than twice as much for tuition and fees as the incoming class in 1990, and that does not include indirect costs such as books, housing and meals, which are also increasing exponetially.

The Perils of PLUS Loans

This brief examines Direct PLUS Loan borrowing trends over time, identifies how borrowers are ill-served by the both the opacity and terms and conditions of the program, and makes recommendations federal policymakers can implement to improve the program for both borrowers and taxpayers.

The Efficacy of Wraparound Support Services on Improving Postsecondary Student Outcomes

This brief summarizes the characteristics of postsecondary students and the challenges they face, details how existing support services have benefited students, and makes recommendations to federal and state policymakers on how they can increase awareness of and access to these critical resources.


2024 CXO Summit

September 18, 2024

Alexandria, VA

The CXO Summit is a unique opportunity to streamline your sales process into a one-day event where you meet face-to-face with executive decision makers who are interested in your products and services.

2024 Education Finance Conference

September 19-20, 2024

Alexandria, VA

The Education Finance Conference gathers the student loan industry’s most distinguished thought leaders, innovators, and policymakers to explore the ever-changing landscape of financing higher education and charting a path to college completion and success.

Students & Families

College Planning Made Easy

Are you excited about pursuing additional education but worried about how to navigate the process? Our members understand. Click on the button below to find the state-based nonprofit that can help you take the next step in your educational journey.

Undergraduate Students

We know that planning, applying, and paying for college can feel impossibly complex. That is why we created a simple guide to help you understand what you need to know and do at each stage in the process. Whether you are graduating high school or contemplating a return after gaining some work experience, we will connect you to the tools and resources you need.

Graduate Students

Think you want to continue your education but do not know where to start? Click on the button below to feel confident about your next steps. The resource will walk you through the basics of graduate school and cover everything from choosing and applying to the right program to understanding how to make graduate school more affordable.