Helping families plan & pay for college

Education Finance Council (EFC) is the national trade association representing nonprofit and state-based higher education finance organizations. These entities strive to increase postsecondary access and affordability in their states and nationwide.

In the past year alone, EFC Members provided over 2.5 million families the resources needed to successfully plan, save, and pay for college. These resources include FAFSA completion events and help centers, scholarship programs, college planning centers, financial aid workshops and information sessions, financial literacy workshops, and support services for members of the military, veterans, and at-risk and low-income youth, including homeless and foster youth.

A number of EFC Members are also working collaboratively within their states to implement education-to-employment pathways programs that address specific workforce development needs in their states.

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Low-Cost, Consumer-Friendly Loan Programs


Our 2019-2020 Nonprofit & State-Based Education Loan Handbook is here! This handbook features the low-cost education loan programs offered by EFC members.

The education loans provided by nonprofit and state-based organizations offer both a fixed interest rate option and a variable rate option, with fixed rates ranging from zero to six percent. And many also offer borrower benefits, such as interest rate reductions, benefits for graduates that work in a critical field, and income-based repayment.



The nonprofit difference: Your success is our mission.

Nonprofit and state-based nonprofit organizations were founded to help students and families in their states to make college a reality.

They’re experts you can trust.

They drive back and forth across your state to spend nights and weekends with millions of families, filing FAFSAs and helping you make a budget. They're members of your community who work everyday to help families like yours every step of the way — from starting a college savings account when you're born to offering free, in-person counseling on picking your best-fit college.

Whether you need free, expert help on navigating the college process, low-cost, consumer-friendly loan options, or help repaying your student loans, we’re here to help!

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