Become A Member

EFC offers two levels of membership based on eligibility criteria and offers an extensive list of benefits to its member organizations. EFC staff are based in Washington, D.C. and contribute a wealth of knowledge about federal higher education policy, experience on Capitol Hill, decades of involvement in the higher education finance industry, and the expertise to deliver unparalleled member services and events.

Voting Member Benefits

EFC Voting Membership is open to private and public nonprofit organizations and state agencies whose primary purpose is the purchase, servicing, origination, or financing/funding for postsecondary education to improve citizens’ access to and success in postsecondary education or training, or to enhance the education-to-workforce pipeline. Voting Members form the governing structure of EFC, shape the strategic planning of the association, and are eligible to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors.

EFC is the principal voice and primary source of critical public policy information for its Voting membership and provides a variety of member benefits. EFC champions the causes of its Voting Members with high-ranking policymakers, and members receive regular opportunities to promote their work to key decision-makers.  In addition to advocacy, EFC provides daily summary of relevant news and industry updates, thought leadership and brand development, exclusive partnership opportunities and discounts, special conference registration and sponsorship rates, as well as member-only exclusive events and resources, staff assistance, and more. Voting Members are also invited to join EFC committees for additional opportunities to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise, and influence EFC’s policies, activities, and member services.

Affiliate Member Benefits

EFC Affiliate Membership is open to any organization that supports the mission of EFC’s state-based and nonprofit members. Affiliate Members gain access to valuable networking with EFC Voting Members and opportunities to showcase their brand and demonstrate expertise throughout the year. In addition, Affiliate Members receive a variety of benefits including a daily summary of relevant news and industry updates, special conference registration and sponsorship rates, and more. Affiliate Members are welcome to join several EFC committees that help shape and influence EFC policies, activities, and member services.